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The ASEA (Adventist Science Educator’s Association) began in June of 1995. In the spring of that year, several science teachers from across the USA had met at Philadelphia for the NSTA Convention. Since so few came to the convention there was a feeling that either teachers were not informed of the wonderful learning opportunities that could be gained at a national convention or there was a sense of apathy among the teachers.

Terry Verlo, science teacher at Portland Adventist Academy and Don Quackenbush science teacher at Spring Valley Academy decided to try to organize the Adventist Science Teachers to encourage professional growth by attending their national convention as often as was allowed by the Unions. Previously, Don Quackenbush published a periodic science newsletter and provided it to all the Adventist Science teachers free of charge. The purpose was to exchange ideas and keep the teachers informed of new trends in science teaching.

With the help and encouragement of Don Keele, Director of Education for the North Pacific Union Conference and Ron Russell, Associate Director of Education for the Mid-America Union, Terry and Don were able to encourage the different Unions to fund and send a representative to an organizational meeting in Portland, Oregon in June. From that meeting came the Adventist Science Educator’s Association. The officers were: Terry Verlo, President, Tom Lee, Secretary, Don Quackenbush, Editor, and David Nelson, Webmaster.

Following the meetings considerable time was taken up in developing mailing lists, communicating with the science teachers of the new organization and creating a membership with credentials. In addition, one of the first official acts was to make a business agreement with Fisher Science Equipment to establish buying power for the ASEA members so that science equipment from the Fisher catalog could be purchased at a reduced price. The agreement is still honored today and extended to all ASEA science teachers.

The first ASEA convention was held in 1997 at the NSTA convention in New Orleans. Subsequent conventions were held in 1999 at Boston, 2000 at Dallas, 2002 at St. Louis and 2004 in Philadelphia. After a short period of inactivity, the ASEA reorganized at the Nashville Adventist Teacher’s Convention in 2006 with Gail Redberg emerging as the new president.

With a website to improve communication within ASEA, the goal is to become a stronger organization that will provide support to beginning science teachers and student missionaries. This should be reflected in increasing numbers of college students considering science education as an attractive career option and in improving the quality of science education offered at Adventist schools. Teachers are excited to have an organization that they can be a part of within the Adventist Education framework. Everyone is encouraged by the association to get involved by doing such things as sharing teaching ideas, contributing articles, and attending conventions. Science is leading the way in providing quality education for Adventist students.

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