ASPA Camp Hope Invitation

 Dear Potential Conference Attendee,

 It is with great joy that we invite you to participate in the 2016 Adventist Student Personnel Association annual convention to be held at Camp Hope in British Columbia, March 20-23, 2016.  For those of you who may not have heard, Camp Hope was the site of the “most remembered ASPA convention” a few years ago and thus, Loma Linda University and Burman University have agreed to co-host the convention again at Camp Hope. The address of Camp Hope, to help you find it on Google maps, is Mountain View Summer Camp, 61855 Lougheed Hwy,Hope, BC V0X 1L0, Canada.

 A few highlights – Dr. Randy Roberts will be leading our worships every morning and, in addition, will give a session on how to prepare spiritual talks.  Dr. Ricardo Whyte, MD, who heads Loma Linda University’s Behavioral Medical Center, will give several presentations connecting the psychological life and spiritual life – very useful sessions for counselors and deans.  We are very pleased that Loma Linda University will be providing Continuing Education credit for those of you who need Continuing Education Units.  Counselors, especially, please take note – this will be an amazingly enjoyable conference AND you will get the credits you need! 

 We are delighted that the Emmanuel Quartet will be leading out in our music as well as gracing us with a mini-concert.   Capping it off, the Wednesday evening banquet will again feature the widely appreciated and enjoyed Christian Comedian, Kenn Kington. 

 Loma Linda University will be reimbursing an additional $200 for each academy dean who attends this conference.  This will also be one of the “most affordable” conferences on record. 

 PLEASE NOTE – New rules require that you must have a current passport to be able to cross the border into Canada so start working on that right away if you don’t have one. 

 Check out your flight options – but last summer’s visiting team of officers found that it took slightly longer to fly into Seattle than Vancouver, but was quite a bit less expensive (including flight costs and car rentals).  It is our desire that the university teams rent vans that can also accommodate academy folk from their territory and enjoy the road trip together.

 Blessings as you plan,

 Rick Williams                                                 Stacy Hunter

Co-President                                                  Co-President

Vice President for Student Services              Vice President for Student Services




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